Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Truths

It's been a while since I've posted anything. First there was the problem with my rib which is mostly better. Then school started back up and because I am a bit of educational masochist I decided to take 5 classes and work on the Lit. magazine. Well, I will have my summer mostly free except for the mindnumbing menial work I do at my great low paying job.

Enough of my whining, here's a list of my truths. It's not really a poem or a story, but at least it's a post.

My truths

No baby is ever ugly to his mother.
Chicago is the best place for pizza.
New York is the second best place for pizza.
Life is too short to worry about being normal.
Laughter keeps the heart young.
If my mother had been a “normal mom,” my life would have been pretty boring.
A woman’s worth is not dependant on her reproductive health.
You can be too skinny and too rich.
There is no such thing as “man’s work” or “woman’s work;” there is only work and it cares not about your gender.
The use of multiple exclamation marks is a sign of a deranged mind.
Common sense is extremely rare.
I may never be rich, but I will never be boring.
Love is beautiful regardless of its orientation.
A human being can get used to anything given enough time.
A good vocabulary will allow you to insult people without them realizing it.
You begin to die the moment you are born.
If you make no mistakes, you have not lived.
No one truly listens to the answer when they ask how you are.

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