Monday, October 26, 2009


She wakes up a mere three hours late
She runs for the bus and falls on her face
Part of her knee stays on the sidewalk
The bus drives an entire two blocks
Before it breaks down completely
Another bus will be there, in an hour
She pulls out her phone, no signal
Blood pools around the new rip in her jeans
She waits in the hot sun until the new bus comes
She arrives, sweaty and bloody, at her work
The boss frowns and says he tried to call
“We don’t need you today, you can go home”

Monday, October 19, 2009

In the Old House

Underneath a loose floorboard,
priceless treasure lies
secure in a box of azure.

Faithful truck used
for countless getaways
and trips to the unknown.

Gold dubloon cleverly disguised
as a smooth black button
with an anchor on top.

Pieces of the ransom note
never sent to extort cookies
from Mom before lunch.

The key to a thousand
treasure chests dug up
in the back yard.

Red raffle ticket used
to board countless trains,
planes, and buses.

Pins of the secret society,
a shamrock and a pegasus,
one for each member.

All these treasures lie secure
in the little blue box and
in childhood.


Almond, vanilla, and woody scents through the air waft
Dance on a yellowed page black inked words
Cry “Hold me” soft, sensual covers
Beckons other worlds contained within
From reality bleak, I disconnect
Choices have these characters lack I
Hours at a time through them I live
A laugh elicits this one
Evokes tears this one
This one a shudder prompts
Not free from pain or strife are these
unlike mine contained easily
Into the pages I will myself
In other reality I ache to live
In actuality I live to ache

Snake *

Slither, slither, slide
Sneak up in the grass
Soak up all the sun
Silently slide away
Look for food
A nice field mouse
Suck it in and swallow
Find a quiet, warm place
Slither, slither, slide, slide
Too cold now to slither or slide
Find a nice rock in the quiet
Slither under, coils wound tight
Sleep through the bitter cold
Awake again in the spring
Slither, Slither, slide
Shed the skin too tight
Bask in the sun again

once again some of the formatting of the original was lost, it used to wind on the page like a snake


Scritch, scritch, scritch
Words from you flow
Smudges form on my hand
As I try to write fast
Enough to keep up with
My thoughts
Your barrel grows
Warm the longer
I grip you
I need more words
My hand bring you
To my
I chew your
Pointy cap
I lower you
Back to the
Paper no longer
Scritch, scritch, scritch
Your blood
Your ink
Flows once
As I fill
The page with
My humble words
And I
If you
Approve of
The words
I force from
Your body,
Your center
Your soul
I empty
And set you
Useless to me
I grab a
New pen
And delight
In its
Against my
Sweaty hands
To release the
Words inside
It as I have
Emptied you

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pitiful poetry

Yes, I have more pitiful poetry for you to peruse.

This was for my vocabulary quiz to demonstrate free verse

This poetry test is so very hard
My mind wants to wander
South Park plays in the background
It amuses me not
Jack in the Box is not scary
The King from Burger King is
I should be studying
Where did I leave? my shoe?
Did I check the mail today
The test
Concentrate on the test

This one was to demonstrate metaphor

My mind is a steel sieve
That strains the juice
And keeps the meaty bits
Of my memories

This one was to demonstrate connotation

I must be connected
Wire me now
Stabilize my ports
Insert my cables
Increase my bandwidth
Celebrate my uploads
Have pity on my downloads
Never leave me wireless
Connect, connect, connect

And this one was to demonstrate parody. We had to parody "my love is a red, red rose" (look it up, you're online anyway, google is just a few clicks away)

O, my cold is like a red, red, nose
From which the snot doth flow
And fills my tissue
Every time I blow

An intoxicant fills up my glass
I love thee, Nyquil
And I will love you even more
When my body is tranquil

My cough grows harsh, oh dear
My head pounds once again
I take more of you sweet Nyquil
And a tiny shot of gin

Bright and lively, I put
You back upon your shelf
Til once again I feel the need
To medicate myself

This one was one of my homework poems is supposed to employ slant rhymes (Look it up. Do I look like google to you? Okay maybe a little around the eyes but still) WARNING - The following poem has a very adult word at the end that may offend some people

Happy Ending
Kelli Reynolds

It’s been a while
Since I was a child
Toys I no lover have
Rocks I no longer save

Open no longer
Is my heart
I do not linger
Dreaming by the hearth

No longer do I wait
For the princely promise
Promises too sweet
I know to dismiss

My views may be extreme
Perhaps I am jaded
But men will say anything
To be properly fellated

This is my other homework poem and I may have slightly plagiarized a tweet I did several months ago

Homework Haiku

I sit at my desk
I stare blankly at my wall
And think of nothing

Friday, October 2, 2009

This morning I woke up after a good 3 hours of sleep and jumped in the shower. I am flying back to Las Vegas today, so I grabbed the bags I packed - one back pack with two sets of clothes, my laptop and the manga Jamila lent me last week (the first three Shutterbox books,now I want 4-6!) and my ugly black purse filled with happy meal toys and Their Eyes Were Watching God - I ran out of the house planning to catch the early bus in order to get to the airport as early as possible just in case my purse full of happy meal toys earned me the honor of an extra, more personalized security check.

I had decided not to put on a sweater thinking it would warm up as the sun rose. The sun rose without warmth. I froze my tukas off. The bus came and it was a full 2 degrees warmer than the bus stop where I had waited. The busw was a bit crowded, but I found a seat. I started reading Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Halfway to the airport, too late to go back home and get back in time, I realized that I had left my boarding pass at home. Crud, I thought. I decided I would just have to check in again at the airport. The bus arrived at the airport on time and I rushed in ready to face the long line I envisioned at the check-in counter. There was no line. I explained how stupid I was to the lovely agent behind the counter who asked me if I really wanted to fly today. I responded affirmatively and she printed a new boarding pass for me.

As I waited in line at the security checkpoint, they decided to open a new lane speeding things up. The guy in front of me had to have his luggage rescanned but they made him wait until after my things went through. I glided almost effortlessly through security. I put my shoes back on and was putting my netbook back in my backpack when I noticed that I had not packed my camera.

I bought a sweater at the airport and I am now stuck with Tucson written accross my chest.
I stopped to get a sandwich for the flight and a din broke out. Clapping, cheering, shouting and Spiderman caught my attention. Spiderman was carrying a young boy and Spidey put that young boy on a flight. That flight was a wish flight ( ) and the boy who is most likely very, very ill looked ecstatic.

I don't have any real point with any of this. This is just my friday morning. Soon I will be in Las Vegas celebrating Jyoti's 7th birthday and praying that she (and the other girls) never will be on a Wish Flight