Friday, October 2, 2009

This morning I woke up after a good 3 hours of sleep and jumped in the shower. I am flying back to Las Vegas today, so I grabbed the bags I packed - one back pack with two sets of clothes, my laptop and the manga Jamila lent me last week (the first three Shutterbox books,now I want 4-6!) and my ugly black purse filled with happy meal toys and Their Eyes Were Watching God - I ran out of the house planning to catch the early bus in order to get to the airport as early as possible just in case my purse full of happy meal toys earned me the honor of an extra, more personalized security check.

I had decided not to put on a sweater thinking it would warm up as the sun rose. The sun rose without warmth. I froze my tukas off. The bus came and it was a full 2 degrees warmer than the bus stop where I had waited. The busw was a bit crowded, but I found a seat. I started reading Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Halfway to the airport, too late to go back home and get back in time, I realized that I had left my boarding pass at home. Crud, I thought. I decided I would just have to check in again at the airport. The bus arrived at the airport on time and I rushed in ready to face the long line I envisioned at the check-in counter. There was no line. I explained how stupid I was to the lovely agent behind the counter who asked me if I really wanted to fly today. I responded affirmatively and she printed a new boarding pass for me.

As I waited in line at the security checkpoint, they decided to open a new lane speeding things up. The guy in front of me had to have his luggage rescanned but they made him wait until after my things went through. I glided almost effortlessly through security. I put my shoes back on and was putting my netbook back in my backpack when I noticed that I had not packed my camera.

I bought a sweater at the airport and I am now stuck with Tucson written accross my chest.
I stopped to get a sandwich for the flight and a din broke out. Clapping, cheering, shouting and Spiderman caught my attention. Spiderman was carrying a young boy and Spidey put that young boy on a flight. That flight was a wish flight ( ) and the boy who is most likely very, very ill looked ecstatic.

I don't have any real point with any of this. This is just my friday morning. Soon I will be in Las Vegas celebrating Jyoti's 7th birthday and praying that she (and the other girls) never will be on a Wish Flight

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