Tuesday, September 29, 2009

crapatacular poetry

More crappy poetry! Rejoice the well has not yet run dry.

This is the poem I was supposed to turn in yesterday which I will turn in tomorrow. (t was supposed to be like the Acadian Dream Garden which I do not like. Some of the formatting will be lost again, but it's not important. It's really short

Mythical Love Garden
Kelli Reynolds

A statue of Hades littered with rose petals
A statue of Kore covered in thorns

Wildflowers dance around the glorious fountain of Poseidon
Weeds climb and choke the cracked statue of Canace

Zeus’s concrete body reclines leisurely in the grass
Europa, Leda, Metis, and Taygete cower on the barren soil

Apollo sits in his chariot among the clover
The serpent coils around Dryope holding her fast to a poplar tree

This is the second poem is for the same class and was also due yesterday. There were no parameters.

Kelli Reynolds

You were a fuzzy lump
My little fuzzy lump
Cheeks the size of sumo wrestlers
Chubby little toes
Dimpled little legs
Thumb never far from your mouth
I fell in love
You grew
So did my love for you
Your eyes changed
They still change
Minutes became years
The fuzzy lump became a young woman
A beautiful, intelligent young woman
I miss the fuzzy lump
But I love the young woman
I would not trade her for the lump

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