Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hopefully, you few who read my blog aren't too tired of my crappy poetry because, yes, oh, yes, I have more!
The first poem was from an exercise from my Whitman week in Lit 262 in which I had to write a poem similar to the Song of Solomon (from the Bible) about someone I love or hate. I figured writing a hate poem would be more fun. I was right. I didn't title it. Oh and the person I am referring to only uses the internet for porn.

Take heed, you are hideous, young man, you are hideous; you have enough grease in your hair to fry three months worth of food at McDonalds; your hair is like a thousand cockroaches scattering from the light.

Your eyes are like two clouded marbles, ever rotating away from each other, each repulsed by the other’s resemblance to excrement.

Your nose is like a trip to the gynecologist, unpleasantly unforgettable.

Your lips are like two pieces of used dental floss, worn out and speckled with disgusting bits of what was once food.

Your neck is like a tree stump overgrown with moss, slowly decaying.

Your chest is like a bowl of bread dough waiting to be kneaded.

Your back is like an overfilled jelly donut, pasty with bright red globules bursting out.

Your genitalia are like a Ken doll.

Your buttocks are like homemade mashed potatoes that have been left on the table to cool for a few years.

Your arms and legs are like sweater wearing pencils.

Your feet are like ginger roots dipped in Oreo cookie crumbs and skunk juice.

Your personality is like the odor that clings to a dead body decaying and decomposing

I'm not sure the second poem (which I really didn't like) will look right on here. It was for WRT205 as a list poem of signs (the instructor let me know that I didn't filfull the "list" requirement and I didn't care). I just threw it together and hoped it wasn't too craptacular.

Safe Place


Do Not Enter
Left Turn Only
Right Turn Only
No Turns
Wait For Light, Then Open Door

*Okay it didn't post the way I had it. The words were all in sign shapes, and the words were not just one right under the other, some were on the left, some were on the right and some were centered. So I guess the blog will have the *light* version of it because I probably could figure out how to duplicate it, but I should be packing for Las Vegas since my plane leaves in about twelve hours.

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