Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Okay, I have a nasty rash on my leg for which I have to take even nastier pills. The side effects list is way creepy. Hopefully, most of it will be gone by the time I land on Friday. I thought I'd check in really quick and post the poem I turned in during class today.

Nothing but Net

The banal, the inane
Must be stopped
The internet has become
A breeding ground for mediocrity
We can, Nay, We shall
Do better than this
LOLCats are forbidden
No one shall “can has”
Real words are required
Save TXTSPK for sending texts
Forwarding shall be minimal
Mass emailing is verboten
Facebook is not a verb
Quoting is fine BUT
If you have nothing original
To say Ever, say nothing
Connect, embrace, champion
Your cause, your movement, yourself
Discuss, dissect, debunk
Your issue, his issue, every event
Post your poetry, your prose
Be it good, bad or ugly
Talk about your life
Your loves, your losses, your wins
Find something no one has seen
Show it!
Entertain yourself
Ignore the Trolls
Admit your guilty pleasures
To someone you will never meet
Do not engage in
(trek is better, picard is superior)
Learn the rules of a forum
Before posting
D0 ]\]07 \/\/ri73 i]\] 1337
(in public posts)
It confuses the newbs
Be kind to newbs
You were one….once

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