Monday, January 31, 2011

After Rocky

This poem has adult language and situations in it. Please do not read it if you find such things objectional.


Grime coats the pillar
On the unused side of
The underground el station
Still I grip it tightly
As you thrust your cock
Even deeper into me
It hurts and I know blood
Will come as it always does
I say nothing to you
Enjoying the pain
Anticipating the pleasure

The platform hides
From our view
Trains pass
Drops of sweat
Fall onto me

Brace thrust brace
Your arm lifts
My hips a fraction of an inch
Bettering your angle
Bringing us to the sacred O
At almost the same time
My head drops slightly
Then rises again

Your stubble scratches
My cheek agreeably
A chaste kiss
We walk over
And wait for our trains
Mine going to the western suburbs
Yours going back to the north side

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