Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A letter to a professor

I have liked most of my professors and even the ones I did not personally care for I have been able to at least learn something from. The professor that I call MegaBoring is a notable exception. I wrote a letter to MegaBoring on my way to her class tonight.

Dear professor,

When one speaks eloquently and succinctly on a subject of which one is passionate and knowledgeable, and uses humor to underscore one's particular viewpoint, an audience can become quite engaged even if they possess an opposing viewpoint or little interest in said subject. A professor who engages his students will be much appreciated, for a student will find the classwork less dreary and tiresome if he is invested in the subject.

You, professor, are passionate about many subjects; few of them have any relevance to the course you are teaching. You are knowledgeable but the small kernels you offer the class are often lost in the pointless blather you wrap around them. Even those students who originally were looking forward to learning about this subject became disillusioned and disinterested after only a class or two. The typing you hear while you speak is not students taking copious notes, rather it is students doing their homework from other classes, updating their FaceBook statuses, playing games, and anything other than actually paying attention to your rambling tangents that occasionally stray onto the actual topic on hand.
Sign me resigned to learn nothing.

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