Monday, July 18, 2011

A quick note to Facebook users

Dear Users of Facebook;

Facebook is not planning on becoming a paid site. There is no special education week . Most of those shocking videos are scams or viruses . Copy and paste statuses are rarely interesting or pertinent. Furthermore, writing happy birthday to your child as your Facebook status when your child is not even on Facebook just tells me you want attention. All those quizzes you do that tell you that if you were a wine, you'd be a MD40/40 and if you lived in the Harry Potter universe, you'd be a troll are not only extremely annoying, but are also an easy way for hackers to get enough personal information on you to steal your identity . Liking a lot of pages does not make you interesting. Posting a quote every so often is okay, but if you have nothing original to say ever, maybe you should log off and try this new 3D experience called "having a life."

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